It’s My Party, and I’ll Cry If I Want To

Today is my 53rd birthday, and yes, I’ll cry (if I want to).

In many ways this has been the toughest year of them all. More on that in a moment.

And in many ways I’m more optimistic for the next year than I’ve ever been.

Perhaps you can relate. So as hundreds of “friends” I’ve never met wish me Happy Birthday on social media sites, it’s triggered this blog. It’s my first on my personal site. First ever.

Kinda sad on it’s own, given I own or am a partner in some 62 sites (according to GoDaddy, anyhow!), and have been making money on-line for 19 years. Yesterday I was streaming a show on Small Business on Apple TV (researching for a new venture launching in January) and one particular CEO said “build your personal brand while you build your business brand”.

It hit home.

You’d think given my last major business venture, that ended up going public on the Toronto Stock Exchange and then, as I famously say “I turned 21 million in an IPO into ten million in debt in six easy months”. Yep. You’d think separating a personal brand from a business brand would have made sense.

Since my birthday comes on Christmas (as I child I believed the 22nd was Christmas and Jesus was born three days late!), I use this time to reflect on the New Year to come.

And one of those reflections led me to realize that my personal mission – to empower entrepreneurs to embrace the “new norm” in business of doing good and making money at the same time, is truly my calling. After 31 years as an entrepreneur and after 37 years working one way or another, I guess it’s about time. Getting clear on this was one of the highlights of 2016.

So was starting several new business partnerships. Spoke on several big stages, sharing my vision and mission.

So too was many hours with my son Tyler, a heart-warming ten year old philanthropist, who inspires me every day.

That said, it’s also the year I chose to end my marriage of 12 years. And struggled to clear my head for months of the blame and finger pointing (all directed to me, by me). And ended several other business partnerships, some by choice, some by circumstance. And compounded our fulfilment on one big project. Plus let down dozens of others in the process financially and professionally.

And, as a US Politics junkie, 2016 was a stunning year of ups and downs on it’s own.

So here’s to ending 2016. Good riddance. Hasta la vista baby. And thank-you. I’m so grateful for lessons learned, changes that happened, and new chapters to be written.

Today is my party, and yes, I’ll cry if I want to.


ps post your biggest win and loss in 2016, and what you’re most looking forward to in 2017.

pps and enjoy this video:

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